What Should My Custom Business Sign Say?

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What Should My Custom Business Sign Say?

A custom business sign can be a great tool to market your business. Before you throw a sign up on your lawn or your business doorstep, you need to know exactly what you should write on your sign. You don’t want to write too much, but you also don’t want to leave out any important information. The right info, written in the right way, can bring you loads of new customers quickly.

Let’s look at the most important things your custom business sign should say.

  1. Call to Action

Why do you need a sign for your business anyway? You could just put basic information about your business on the sign and leave it at that. That is necessary, but everyone does that. You need your sign to stand out and the best way to do that is to give people an incentive. That incentive comes in the form of a call to action. For instance, you could say, “mention this sign and get a discount” or “sign up for our email list and get something free.” You want to give people an opportunity to connect with your business other than just reading your sign.

  1. Phone Number

Now that you have their attention, give them all the information they need to get connected with you. Start with your phone number. The best way to help someone is by talking to them. They can get all sorts of info and help online, but encourage them to call you first.

  1. Address

If your sign is not at your place of business, like a yard sign for instance, then put your address on it. Sometimes it’s better to say where your business is located in relation to something else so it’s easier for people than trying to remember your address. An example would be to say, “we’re right next to city hall”, or “right on the waterway by the mall.”

  1. Text Code

A text code is a great way to get more information to people without having to print it on your sign. Give people a code to text to a specific number. Offer them something for it like “text this code to this number to receive exclusive deals”, or “text this code to enter our drawing”. They will be giving you their phone number and now you can text them about sales, deals, and special offers. The response rate from adding a code to a sign is 10 times higher than having no code at all.

  1. Website

Make sure you mention your website on your sign. You can even save space by using a URL shorter like Bit.ly. Using a bit.ly link also allows you to track how many people visited your sight using that link, so you can see how well your sign is working. It might also help to set up a specific landing page just for people who see the sign. You can include another call to action or offer a specific deal just on that page.

  1. Email Address

Put your email address on the sign and give people some incentive to email you. Create and use a specific email address just for your sign so you can track who is actually using it. Set up an automatic response or email sequence for people who email you from there.

This should be plenty of information to fill up your sign without getting too busy. Remember, your sign can be a great tool for marketing your business if it’s used right. We hope this helps you create the perfect sign for your business. What else do you think should be on your sign?


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