How to Make the Perfect Real Estate Yard Sign

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January 18, 2018
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How to Make the Perfect Real Estate Yard Sign

How do you create the perfect real estate yard sign? In real estate, marketing is a never ending process. With numerous tools and countless sales techniques to follow, getting the attention of potential buyers and selling them can get complicated. However, one of the most effective ways to get people’s attention toward a house for sale is still the real estate yard sign. If you are in real estate, you have no doubt used yard signs when you get a new listing. The question of whether or not they really work comes down to a very important aspect of the real estate yard sign: the design.

Good design can make all the difference in piquing someone’s interest or losing their attention. Let’s look at how to craft the perfect real estate sign that works consistently. Here we go.


  1. Keep it simple

This rule applies to all of marketing. Space is limited, especially on a real estate yard sign, so using the space wisely is very important. You don’t need a snazzy marketing message or your company’s mission statement on your sign. Get straight to the point. Tell them who you are, that the house is for sale, and how to easily contact you. In fact, if you can, include just one method of contact, preferably your phone number. That’s it. The best marketing in the world is the simplest. The same applies to real estate signs.


  1. Use minimal, large, and centered font

No matter how big your sign is, whether or not it is legible depends on the type of font you use. You don’t need a fancy looking font on your sign. In fact, the simpler, the better – and the bigger, the better. You want to have all of your information in a clean, easy to read font. Put “house for sale” or “open house” or a similar message in the largest font, and make your name and phone number the same size large font. Using a centered font adds a distinct design aspect that gives a sense of professionalism and sophistication when done right.


  1. Feature lots of white space and only two or three colors

Just because you have extra space available on your yard sign does not mean you should fill it. Keep plenty of white – or dark – space on your sign to draw more attention to your information. It also makes the sign more inviting to look at and gives it a touch of sophistication. Make sure you contrast your background with your font color. It is always best to use white or light backgrounds with dark font and dark or black background with light fonts. The less colors you can use, the better. The “keep it simple” rule applies to colors as well. Use only two colors, three at the most, in your sign.


  1. Include your logo above – or below – your info in a prominent way

Your logo is an important piece of the real estate yard sign design. Always include your logo on your sign. People will build brand recognition and be able to easily associate you with your company. In many cases that can help you sell the home. Make sure you place the logo above your information or after it, but never in between. You want your message to be clear and uninterrupted.


Building the perfect real estate yard sign is not complicated. Take these simple rules and apply them to your next yard sign and see what difference it makes. The yard sign is still one of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention toward your listed homes. Use them to your advantage and make them work for you. Get started with your sign today.


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