Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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September 10, 2018

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Are you looking for Halloween marketing ideas for your small business? Fall is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner! That means people are shopping to get ready, buying costumes, candy, and decorations to get the most out of the “scary holiday”.  If you own a business, there are many ways you can creatively market your business for these shoppers.

Here are some of the best Halloween marketing ideas to use.


  1. Give your store a “costume”

Halloween is all about dressing up and being “spooky”. Why not dress-up your store as well. Fill your windows with Halloween décor like cobwebs and orange and black accents. Put up Halloween signs that grab people’s attention like “Don’t Enter! (Unless you want to save money)” or “Beware – Scary Deals Inside!”. A custom Halloween sign is an easy way to give your store a fun marketing edge. You could also use a large custom banner to grab people’s attention even better. One of the best components of good Halloween decorating is pumpkins. Put some pumpkins by your store entrance and throughout your store, not just for Halloween, but for a fall-inspired look in general.


  1. Create Halloween-inspired products

Halloween is not just a spooky holiday to decorate and get candy. It also happens to be right in the middle of fall weather. Fall flavors, like pumpkin spiced everything, are filling up the shelves. If you sell food of any kind, consider adding fall-inspired items to your offerings. For Halloween, you can get even more creative. For a bar, create a cocktail just for Halloween. A bakery? Make some ghost-shaped cookies or spooky looking cakes. For retail stores, you can easily add a touch of Halloween to your product lines. Have themed clothing with quotes and specific colors. Use famous Halloween characters in your marketing and décor (with permission, of course.) Get creative and show people you are in the “spooky holiday spirit”.


  1. Host a Halloween-themed event

Although trick or treating is the go-to form of celebrating Halloween, parents are also often thinking about other events or activities to do. Bring people to your store or place of business by hosting a Halloween-themed event. The easiest idea for Halloween is a costume party. Make it a contest and give away something cool of yours to the winner. This is an easy way to market your event. You could also host a carnival style event for families with plenty of candy for the kids. Many churches do these kinds of events every year with great success. Promote your event on social media, and be sure to put up a sign in your store with details as well.


  1. You and your employees dress up

Have your staff dress up during the week of Halloween. Even better, do it around a specific theme. Some easy ones are Harry Potter, famous villains, super heroes, and so on. Not only does this draw attention to your store, it also creates a fun photo-op for shoppers. Encourage them to share the photos on social media for even more promotion. Make it even easier with a fun backdrop just for photos and give them a unique hashtag to go along with it.


  1. Offer Halloween specials and deals

This is perhaps the most obvious Halloween marketing strategy for your business. Offer special deals and discounts just for the holiday to get people in the door. Offer the specials in the weeks or days leading up to Halloween and give them deals specifically to help the get ready for Halloween. If you sell Halloween clothing or merchandise, give a discount. If you sell food, like candy, offer a coupon when buying in bulk. Whatever you sell, find a way to tailor it to Halloween shoppers and give them a reason to choose you.

What other Halloween marketing ideas can you think of for your small business?


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