7 of the Most Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

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7 of the Most Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

There are about a million ways to market your small business nowadays. As a business owner, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which methods to try, which ones to stop doing, and which ones actually work. Many business owners don’t like the marketing side of things. They’d rather focus on what they do best – fulfill their customers’ wants and needs with their product or service.

Many small businesses fail early on in the journey, but not for lack of a quality product. Long-term business success comes down to marketing. With the right strategies in place, and with consistent effort in implementing them, your small business can grow much bigger than you realize right now.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the most effective ways you for electric motor repair shop business owner, can market your business.


  1. Ask for referrals

This is arguably the best way to get new customers and grow your business. Yet, many businesses are bad at this. This isn’t simply about asking people you know if they know someone who will do business with you. It’s also not so simple as hoping people will talk about your business to their friends. Done effectively, getting referrals is much more effective than that.

Start with your current customers and ask them for a testimonial. Once they’ve provided that, approach them about a referral. People are more likely to do you a big favor after already doing a smaller one. It is best to do this in-person if possible, and never at the same time you are presenting a bill. You can also develop a referral program for your customers to get discounts or commissions by converting their friends and family to customers. Remember, not everyone will say yes to you…and that’s okay. Do it anyway.


  1. Talk about your business…a lot

This may seem painfully obvious, but many small business owners are terrible at talking about their business. If you really want your business to grow, you should talk about it as often as you can. Tell people what your business does. Talk about your products. Be able to explain clearly, and with excitement, what it is you do and how you help people. Over time, people will associate you with your business. You will also start meeting and connecting with certain people who can help your business grow exponentially.

Ignore that script in your mind that says you “shouldn’t force it on people” or “you don’t want to be annoying.” The truth is, you should be passionate about your business. The right people gravitate toward passion – it’s contagious. Talk to anyone you can about your business and people will want to support you on your mission.


  1. Get online…where your customers are

This one may seem painfully obvious. I mean, it’s 2018. Everyone is online, right? Well, you may be surprised how many small businesses have a poor online presence. Many businesses don’t have an up-to-date, optimized website – or any website at all, and few know how to effectively use social media.

It’s not enough to just “be online”. You must be active online. You must be social on social media. You need to discover where your customers are online and market directly to them. It’s worth investing in online marketing services and education if you don’t know how to do this well.


  1. Create loyalty and get repeat customers

Before you market to new potential customers, market to your existing customer base. If possible, create a loyalty program. Give people an incentive to come back and continue doing business with you. It is much cheaper to sell to your existing customers than to get new customers. In fact, it’s five times cheaper. If your customers are happy with you and your product or service, they need to be reminded and incentivized to keep coming back.


  1. Use creative marketing on a sign for your business

Yard signs, banners, and pop-up signs are sometimes a lost art form in small business marketing. Most people simply don’t know how to use a sign to grab people’s attention. If you have any type of storefront business, a sign is a cheap and fun way to market.

Instead of directly talking about your business, get clever. Use a funny message or creative slogan on a pop-up or yard sign to make people take a second look. Create a banner for a grand opening that really stands out. Advertise sales and specials with a window sign or banner. People are inundated with visual marketing every day. Create something that is unique and makes them want to do business with you.


  1. Cross-promote with other businesses

Nearly every product or service has at least one (or several) complimentary service. Find another small business whose products or services compliment yours and approach them about doing business together. You could provide “bundled” offers or a collaboratively created resource.

By cross-promoting, you get access to an entirely new customer base, a credible “referral” through the business you are promoting with, and overall, save a lot of money on marketing costs.


  1. Support and sponsor a local cause

Brand association is a big deal. When people see your logo or hear your name, they need to have positive associations. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting a local cause or charity. Not only will it bring you new customers, it will give you a sense of contribution that is bigger than just you and your business.

You could host a fun-run for a charity, give a portion of profits to a nonprofit, or volunteer at charitable events and organizations. There are many ways to “give back” and nearly all of them will get you plugged into the local community in a service-minded way, while also growing your business.


So, get out there and see what works. Try new things and keep the ones that work best. Marketing doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

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