5 Things You Need to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

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5 Things You Need to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

Are you wondering how you should design your trade show display? Trade shows are amazing places to reach new customers and grow your business and brand. To do well, though, you need to come prepared with a beautiful display that shows off your company, product, or service. As much as you may want to load it up with all the information you think a potential customer needs, there is a right way to design a trade show banner. When it comes to trade show displays, less is more. Don’t lose sight of the basics – the fundamental things that make your banner most effective.

Here are five things you need to make you trade show banner stand out.


  1. Visual Simplicity

Since the goal is to pique someone’s interest into stopping at your booth or display, you want to design your banner to focus on that. Create simple, clear, and straightforward images for your sales-driven story. Stay away from overly detailed art and graphics. While they may be appealing to look at, they distract from your message. In fact, if possible, it is better to use just one simple image on your banner. You only have people’s attention for a few seconds at a time. Find a way to clearly tell your story using one image and your banner will much more effective.


  1. Simple, Bold Headline

Simple, clear, and short – that’s the best way to write a headline for a trade show display. Since most people weren’t necessarily planning on visiting your booth, they will only see your display at a glance, in passing. This is the best chance you have to grab their attention. If your headline is compelling and clear enough, it may encourage people to take a moment to notice and learn more about you. If you keep your headline short, you can make it larger on your display, giving it a better chance at holding someone’s attention. Make sure the font you use is simple and easy to read quickly. Go too fancy and it will be much less effective.


  1. Clear Description

Even if you compel someone toward your booth with a great headline, you still probably only have a few moments to keep their attention and convey information to them. It may be tempting to write a description that explains everything about your company, product, or service. People will only want to read a sentence or two at most. Use bullet points and keep your sentences short and to the point. Don’t get technical and keep it minimal. Just like with your headline and images, your best course of action is to keep it simple, clean, and easy to understand.


  1. Prominent Company Name and Logo

To get straight to the point, make your company logo easy to see. Many people make the mistake of hiding their company logo in one of the corners of the display. Instead, put your company logo in the header portion of the display and make it large enough to stand out. Logos are important for brand recognition and for looking established. Give people a clear look at your logo to help them know exactly who you are and remember you.


  1. Website and Social Media Links

Of all the messages you on you trade show display, perhaps the most important is your website address. On your website you can give a lot more information and when someone is visiting it you have all of their attention. If you can use your images, headline, and description to to pique enough interest in them, they are more likely to want to learn more and visit your website. A creative way to do this is to create a unique link just for trade show attendees that offers some incentive like a discount, free product, or special deal only to them. Make sure you also point people to your social media pages and encourage to like or engage with you there.


Trade shows can be a great marketing strategy for your business. Your display will make or break your experience there so make sure you do it right. If you are ready to create the perfect banner display for your next trade show, check out our custom banner options and even design your own from scratch.

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