5 Summer Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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5 Summer Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Summer marketing for your small business needs to be something you plan for every year. When summer is in full swing, you can feel the excitement in the air. People are taking vacations, taking it easy, and spending time in the sun. They are also spending money. It’s one of the best seasons for your small business…if you position yourself right.

So, to use the summer months as a catalyst to grow your business, here are five summer marketing tips for your small business.


  1. Market for the Holidays

While summer does make way for fall, and some of the biggest holiday shopping each year, there are also several summer holidays to focus on first. The three major summer holidays are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. These holidays are some of the most popular sales holidays as well. Use these days to your advantage with specials, sales, deals, and themed marketing to attract more customers.

It’s also important to remember that summer itself is like a long holiday in itself. The kids are out of school, families are taking vacations, and all in all it’s more likely that people are spending more money just in those areas. Plan ahead and set yourself up to cater to summer shoppers.


  1. Give Something Away 

Since people are more likely to spend money during the summer, grab their attention with a giveaway. This is a sure fire marketing technique any time of the year, but it can really work well during the summer. Giveaways get people excited about your business, involved and attentive to your marketing, and interacting with you. All of this will create a fans of your business who are primed to buy from you. A giveaway really helps build brand awareness.

Even if your particular product r service doesn’t apply much to summer in general, you can give away something like an iPad or Kindle. Summer is, after all, a time of relaxation, so why not help people do that with your giveaway.


  1. Have a Contest

Summer is a great time for competition, especially given that the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals take place, and baseball season is in full swing. People see it everywhere and are engaging with it constantly. Holding a contest invites them to keep that competitive spirit alive with your business. If you’re a restaurant, you could hold an eating contest. A carwash could have a “Dirtiest Car” contest. Whatever it is you do, find a way to incorporate a contest that points to what your business does. This is a great way to gain publicity for your business while also being fun and humorous along the way.

Another great tactic with holding a contest is to have it at your place of business on a specific day. This will bring contestants and spectators to your place of business and rove up sales. Hold the contest every summer and watch it grow.


  1. Target Vacationers

Tourist locations, especially beaches and resorts, do really well during the summer. Even if you aren’t near a beach or summer destination spot, chances are people on vacation will come across your business. These people are expecting to spend some money, and with the right marketing they cold be spending it with you. Offer an incentive to vacationers by giving a discount if they are from out of town. You can still target the locals, too, with creative summer – themed marketing.

Make sure invest in local SEO for your business as people from out of town are likely to be searching the area for goods and services. Rank high on Google and other search engines and you could see a wave of new business during vacation times like summer.


  1. Host an Event

Summer marketing does really well when it’s geared toward spending time together. During the summer, people love getting out and having fun in the community. Put together an event in a local park or community spot and invite people to attend. This is a really great time to partner with other businesses or charity organizations to help you host and promote your event. Invite vendors, especially food, and plan for some musical entertainment. People will show up, have fun, and talk about the event in the days after.

You may also consider hosting an event specifically for your loyal customers. Put together an appreciation dinner or private party and invite your clients to attend. Show them your appreciation and dote on them.


Lastly, don’t forget to create some amazing signs and banners for all of your advertising. Whether you need a banner for an event or a sign for a special sale, you can get it here at Third Coast Signs. You can even create your own custom sign or banner for any event.

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