The 4 Most Effective Places to Use a Vinyl Banner

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The 4 Most Effective Places to Use a Vinyl Banner

Are you thinking about using a vinyl banner to promote your business? With the world of online marketing growing at an exponential rate, it’s important to remember that there are other very effective ways to market your business. Some of the more traditional physical marketing methods still produce great results, vinyl banners being one of the best.

A vinyl banner is a great way to bring attention to your business or event. They are also very cost effective…if they are used properly. This means what you put on the banner is important. You only have someone’s attention for a few seconds nowadays so make sure your banner gets your message across in a clear and memorable way.

When should you use a banner? While you can use a banner in many ways and at many venues, there are some instances when they are most successful. Here are four of the most effective places to use a vinyl banner.


  1. Retail Storefronts

A vinyl banner hanging outside your place of business grabs people’s attention and helps new customers easily find you. You can use a banner to promote seasonal events, sales, and other exciting news, like a grand opening. Not all building management will allow you to place a banner on the outside of your storefront. If that’s the case, place it in the window. Retail spaces typically get a lot of traffic passing by, so a banner out front is an easy to quickly pull people in and check out your business.


  1. Sponsorship Events

Banners work great at sponsorship events like charity races, fundraisers, and other functions. For the best return on your investment from a marketing standpoint, sponsor an event that compliments your business. If you own a restaurant, sponsor a food drive or meal providing charity. If you run a clothing store, sponsor a clothing drive ort back-to-school charity event. A sporting goods business? Sponsor a charity golf tournament. Wherever you decide to give back, using a vinyl banner works perfectly. It promotes your business while also bolstering your brand in a positive way.


  1. Tradeshows

Tradeshows are excellent places to use a vinyl banner. At most tradeshows you will be provided your own space where you can set up a table, products, promotional materials and other things to promote your business. More than likely, you’ll also have a place to display a banner. In this case, use your banner to encourage people to learn more about your business. Put links to your website and social media pages on your banner and get creative to draw people’s attention, like using a QR code. Some tradeshows allow you to display your banner near the entrance or even outside the event, at an additional cost.


  1. Busy Intersections

While this method requires checking with local zoning authorities first, hanging a banner near a high-traffic intersection works great. For the best results, choose intersections near your business, retail locations, or event venues. Using a banner in this regard will require you to use your own poles and stands, instead of traffic lights and telephone poles. The great thing about having a vinyl banner at a busy intersection is that people will see it multiple times. This not only promotes your business, but grows your brand awareness. Change it up every now and then to face the other direction so you can grab the attention of more people.


Do you want to use a banner to promote your business? Check out all our banner options and even design your own just the way you want it.

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